7 reasons why we always love Rk beach ..!!

RK Beach (Photo arranged)

1.It is one of the best hangout spot in city circumstances , we don’t need travel much distance if we want to reach the beach in evenings .

2. Rk beach might be one place but, yes!! we can enjoy a lot of things not only the beach,Here we can enjoy Sub-marine museum,Khali temple , Mathsya Darshini, Children’s park for kids , Statues of our heroes , 1971 memories and more.

3.Marine drive : Whenever we are in upset mode or need refreshment then we don’t be worry ,because we just take vehicle and start ride in beach roads. Definitely we will feel Awesome. Take two wheeler for better experience .

4.Apart from the all beaches ,Rk beach is more secure than others .Since it is happening area,so there is very less chances for unwanted incidents. You can also find 2-3 police control rooms in vicinity if you need any help.

5.Also,we can find all kind of foods but moori mixture is our maximum of choice . It would better than other foods .Eating some tasty snacks and sitting in beach ,seriously its a wonderful feeling that we are enjoying everyday .

6.We all have a lot of memories with friends,family and last but not least, yes of course with your loved ones.Whenever you are remembering those days in Rk beach sure it would be emotional .

7.Our Rama Krishna Beach is one the best beaches in india . Clean Roads,LED lights greenery parks and other attractions made more beautiful.

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