All Facts you need to know About Equinox buzz in Social Media

What’s the story ??

Vizag : From last couple of days , Many Social media users getting the message about a Heat waves as well as Sun Strokes due to an ‘equinox phenomenon’ from March 22 to 28.

Incase,you don’t know About this :

Here it is one of message forwarding in all social media platforms, “Dear all, due to the equinox phenomenon that will occur in the next 5 days, please stay Indoors, especially from 12pm-3pm daily. The temperature will fluctuate till 40 degrees Celsius. This can easily cause dehydration and sun stroke. Everyone should be consuming about 3 litres of fluids every day. Monitor everyone’s blood pressure as frequently as possible. Many may get heat stroke. Cold showers are recommended as frequently as possible. Reduce meat, increase fruits and veg. Place a new, unused candle outside home area or exposed area. If candle melts, it’s at a dangerous level. Heat stroke has no indicative symptoms. Heat wave is no joke! Once you have fainted, it’s seriously dangerous as organ failure may kick in. Always check lips, eye balls for moisture.” And also wishing “Happy Hydrating Days” to everyone

What is an Equinox Actually ??

Karanam Ramachandra Rao, Director, Cyclone Warning Centre, Visakhapatnam, informed that the equinox is a general event that happens twice in a year. “Thee are two equinoxes every year — in March and September — when the Sun is directly above the Equator and the length of night and day are nearly equal.” He also concluded that Social media users are posting without checking the credibility of the messages.

 Author’s Take: 

This is just general weather transition, its better to drink more water for the next seven days (March 22-28) due to equinox body gets dehydrated very fast during this period.

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