Araku welcomes the tourists with local made wine very soon..!!

Visakhapatnam: The Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) is set to provide local wine for the tourists in Araku Valley by preparing locally-sourced jack fruits.

According to the sources , the product is under trial at GCC’s Tirupati unit and will get the results in another 10 days.Once it approves initially the product will be exclusively available for Araku tourists and later sell to other districts.
“A huge amount of jack fruits are left on the trees in the agency and plain areas even after traders meet the local demand and export the required quantity. We got the idea to brew jack fruit wines from a person in Coorg,” GCC MD A Ravi Prakash .

The corporation has sent a few officials to learn the process of preparing the wine, he said, adding that tribal people will be involved in the entire process and GCC will ensure that maximum profit is earned through sale of jack fruits that are lying waste.
Sources said that jack fruit wine contains around 5% alcohol, whereas normal wine contains 12-15% alcohol. Visakha Agency, Rampachodavaram Agency in East Godavari and Seetammapet in Srikakulam district have numerous jack fruit trees. Many fruits are left on the trees even after consumption.For preparing this wine it will take 15-18 days.

Story credit : TOI

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