Breaking News : Petrol and Diesel prices Reduced , Will effect from Tomorrow !!

Oil Marketing Companies in India has reduced the retail price of petrol by Rs 3.77 per litre and Diesel by Rs 2.91 per litre.

An official statement said, “The current level of international product prices of Petrol & Diesel and INR-USD exchange rate warrant decrease in selling price of Petrol and Diesel, the impact of which is being passed on to the consumers with this price revision.”

In Vizag,the Current petrol price (per litre) is Rs. 76.80 including local taxes , now it will be reduced by RS. 3.77 . All new prices will effect from mid night of march 31st/April 1st .

Rates were last modified on January 16th when price of petrol increased by 54 paise and diesel rates were hiked by Rs 1.20 a litre.

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