Homestays at Araku will be Launched soon by ITDA ..!!

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VISAKHAPATNAM: Oh!! Yes its a good news for Araku lovers . Very soon the tourists of Araku Valley will have chance to experience the Homestay at Araku Hamlets . The government is planning to introduce village homestays at Araku through the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA).

A few villages are identified which are suitable for homestay in Araku mandal . Villages such as Kollaput and Karasaliguda has scenic beauty, waterfalls, trekking facilities. The village youth would be trained in hospitality aspects, which would also help generate local employment and income.

After sight-seeing at Araku and Borra caves, the tourists can stay in one of these villages at night. The ITDA plans to build two huts that can accommodate around eight-10 people. The dining area and toilets would be located in the vicinity of the huts. Arrangement would be made for fresh vegetables and food, campfire, tribal music and dhimsa dance to entertain the visitors.
According to the Sources ITDA official and curator of the Araku Tribal Museum N Muralikrishna said, “The ITDA has initiated the process of identifying suitable villages for homestay. We have plans to start the project at Kollaput and Karasaliguda, full of natural beauty and coffee plantations. ”

“Karasaliguda hamlet is located in AP chief minister’s adopted panchayat of Peddalabudu and we are trying to procure some land there, which at present is in private hands. Apart from these, there are some other scenic villages such as Chompi and Anjoda near Araku. Initially, we can start with homestays in two villages and then extend the facility to some other suitable hamlets”,He added.

The local tribal youth would get employment through this village homestay facility. “Initially, around 30 youth would get some business opportunity if we commence the homestay in two villages and extend the number in future. Besides catering to the guests, doing the housekeeping and cooking, employment can be generated through sale of handicrafts and food/forest products to tourists coming for homestay,” said Muralikrishna.

Story credit : TOI

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