Do you know a beautiful love story behind our Vizag Taj Mahal

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Visakhapatnam : Prema Nivedana Rupam, a tomb built by a heartbroken king in memory of his queen who died during childbirth,is an example of how a love story lives forever, despite the apathy of authorities insensitive to maintaining an invaluable heritage sites.

The tomb, popularly known as Taj Mahal of Vishakapatnam, has completed a century of existence after it was completed on July eight, 1905. Standing by the Bay of bengal coast in the Port city of Vizag, the tomb was constructed by the king of Kurupam (now in neighbouring Vizianagram district) Varicharla Veerabhadra Raja
Bahadur, in fond memory of his beloved queen Lakshmi Narasayamma.

The Kurupam king was married to a lady from the Vericherla dynasty in May 1895. He loved her so dearly that he could not overcome the mental agony after her sudden demise in 1902 during childbirth. The heartbroken king then decided to build a tomb on the seashore near Jalaripeta, then a village on the outskirts of Vizag town.

The tomb, constructed in Rajasthani style, was a notable example of architecture that is a unique amalgam of different styles from across the world. It was first named ”Gyanvilas,” which later came to be known as Prema Nivedana Rupam.

The construction measures 30 feet in height and was built on one acre of land. The legendary painter of the 19th century Raja Ravi Verma had sculpted a 2-1/2 foot bust of the queen, made of marble.Unfortunately the bust was stolen 25 years ago.

Constructed using mainly limestone, the tomb is decorated with “Ashta Lakshmi” the eight incarnations of the goddess of prosperity and adorned by “Dasavatar” sculptures. Poems written in English praising the beauty of the queen can be seen on the four sides of the wall.

However , GVMC or state government are not concentrating to make big attraction as Taj Mahal of Visakhapatnam . lets our lovely heritage structure will get good days.

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