Do you know first market in Vizag opened in 1914 only…??

Visakhapatnam: No doubt that vizag has planned with good facilities to the people.But this facilities and all is not yesterday story , its almost years back. Visakhapatnam Public Market was started in 1914 only .

Kurupam Market , the old town area people well familiar with this market.Initially it was called ‘King Edward VII Coronation Market’, this is stated to be the very first market built in the city.

According to historical sources, the market was actually a gift to the city by the Rajah of Kurupam, on the occasion of King Edward VII’s coronation, which gave the place its alternative name.

It was opened to the public in 1914.The market was rectangular, and had four entrances, with the centre marked by a large rectangular semi-enclosed space, which was used for selling vegetables.

As far as the architecture of the market is concerned, the main entrance structure had a huge Tudor arch opening, with towers on either side of the structure, constructed in ashlar rubble masonry up to the first cornice and brick masonry up to the third cornice. The dome and the kalasha are finished in stone.

But , sad truth is

However, all that remains today, is a small arch and gate, as the GVMC had bulldozed several structures in 2013, amid much criticism from historians and activists.

Watch here the video of Kurapam market in 2010,


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