Major tourist attractions in Vizag…..!!!!

Visakhapatnam fondly known as Vizag is one among the major tourist attractions in india and is known for its aesthetic beauties surrounded by flora & fauna, Hill parks, beaches and more. This place is the dream land to many people because of its peaceful climatic conditions, shore breezes & greenery hills. Very soon, Vizag would be the top touritst destination in India.

Here it is the list of the major tourist attractions in visakhapatnam:

R.K Beach :

Ramakrishna beach is one of the most popular tourist spot and offers a spectacular view of the sea shore with numerous giant ships in it. The top attractions of this beach are INS kursura (S20) submarine museum, Khalimatha temple and Matsyadarshini .  Sunset offers an amazing glimpse of evening clouds with rising tides, it’s not only your eyes, your taste buds are also at great risk of finding some of the best snack items along the coast.Just imagine having your favorite evening snack glaring at the gallant skies, resting yourself on sand beach touching the violent waters…!!!!



Rushikonda beach:
Its a great leisure spot and a must visit beach in vizag, It is surrounded by the flora and offers a mind refreshing atmosphere.It is among the cleanest beaches and reminds us of the beaches in Goa.

Andhra Pradesh government has imbibed various fun and adventure activities like boating, kayaking, banana king,jet skiing.Hover crafts, fly boards, nd scuba diving will be soon introduced in rushikonda beach along with yachting and cruise boats.
cost for these fun activities are:-

  • Boating – 300/-
  • Kayaking – 200/-
  • Banana boat ride – 150/-
  • Jet skiing – 250/-


Kailasagiri :
It is a hill top park in visakhapatnam and was awarded the best tourist spot in the year 2003.
Lord shiva parvathi statue is one of the major attraction in this hill park.Along with the roadway, there is also ropeway facility for the movement of people from the bottom to top of the hill and vice versa which is first of it’s kind in the state.The bird eye view from the top of the hill is eye gazing.

More over whole horizon of R.K beach can be viewed from the hill top of kailasagiri.The hilltop park credits itself with most astonishing scenic locations which make it the favourite destination for photo shoots and cinema also provides adventure seekers a great pleasure.

Few park features are:-

  • Lord shiva parvathi statue
  • Shanku chakra nama.
  • Toy train ride
  • Arts gallery
  • Telescopic point
  • Conference hall
  • Titanic view point
  • Kailasagiri floral clock
  • Kids play ground
  • Foodcourts.

Indira Gandi Zoological park:
Indira Gandhi ZoologicalPark is surrounded by kambala konda reserve forest in visakhapatnam. Remembering the former prime minister of india Ms.Indira Gandhi, the park is named as Indira gandi zoological park after her death .It was inaugurated on 19th may 1977 and is open to the public on all days except monday.

Zoo has different divisons for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and birds caged in their natural ambiance.No doubt it was one of the lovely place to see all animls and birds at one place, the white tiger is the most special attraction to zoo.

Butterfly enclosure is also one of the attraction in zoo. Zoo park offers battery operated cars and is recommended when you go along with family and children.the charge of the car is 120 /- for 1 hour per head.

 Facilities offered in Park: – Purified drinking water,Battery operated cars,wheel chairs.


Tenneti park:
It is officially known as VUDA(Visakha urban deveolpment authorithy) Tenneti park in vizag. It is named after late sri tenneti vishwanadam garu who was a great freedom fighter and politician.Tenneti Park along with the beach road is favorite for morning joggers, which offers the best sunrise view in Vizag.

It is located on the tip of the mountain which descends into beach which is also a dragging point to the park.

Best time to visit this place is Early mornings , Sun rise from this place feels damn awesome ..!!


Shilparamam park:
Shilparamam park is located at madhurwada which is located at 15k.m distance from visakha railway station.
It boasts of various sculptures/carvings which depict the ancient civilization and the place is absolutely eye gazing.This place also handles exhibitions of various handloom and handcrafted ornaments, Every Sunday cultural events are organized by different organizations to encourage the local art.

It is a place for organising cultural programs like classical and folk dances.
It recently introduced toy car and the toy train to attract children.
Recently they deveolped alluri sitarama raju museum .The history of alluri sitharama raju is explained in photos and paintings.
The boat ride is one of the best fun time game offered here.

CMR central:
CMR (Chandan mohan rao) central mall is located at maddilapalem in the city center of visakhapatnam.
It offers a variety of clothes, jewellery, Furniture, electronics, suiting and shirtings, gifts, novelties, cosmetics, food courts and kids entertainment zone.A lot of events and college flash mobs are conducted in this mall.

Araku Valley is a famous hill station in Visakhapatnam. This valley is surrounded by mountains like galikonda, ratnakonda, sunkarimetta, chitamogondi, jindhagada peak . Jindhagada Peak is the tallest peak in eastern ghats and andra pradesh.
Araku Valley is known for coffee plantations.The valley is popular for its forests like Anantagiri reserved forest, sunkarimetta reserved forest.Araku has some beautiful places to visit like borra caves,katiki waterfalls, tribal museum, padmapuram botanical gardens, chaaparai, Anantagiri hill station.

The train journey from Vizag to Araku is a memorable experience as the journey goes through 52 tunnels and green valleys.Recently Vistadome Coach train has been launched on April 18th,2017 , the cost of this train is in between 500 and 665/- rupees per head.

Simhachalam temple:
Simhachalam temple is one of the famous temples of Andra pradesh. Temple holds the famous lord varaha lakshmi Narasimha (the man-lion),an avatar of vishnu.
Lord varaha lakshmi narasimha swamy is also called as simhadri appana where “simha” means lion and “adri” means hill(Simhadi – Lion’s hill).The temple was built in 15th century by the king sr i krishna devaraya. kappasthabam pillar stands as a major attraction as it is believed that  all the wishs of devotees are fulfilled once they touch the pillar.

Temple offers a free dormitary facility & free lokers for devotees.
The distance from visakha railway station to simhachalam temple is approximately 14 km.
read Simhachalam History

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