P.E.N School in Vizag launches app to track student’s performance

Aiming to increase the transparency and efficiency  into the system and to provide a better platform to keep the parents posted of the in house activities, P.E.N. School has recently launched two mobile apps – a school app that connects parents and the school management and an ‘ANS’ app that helps teachers reduce duplication of work.

Featuring profile and contact details along with term-wise score graph, among several other components, the school app is an easy-to-use mobile application. Monitoring the attendance graph, tracking the academic performance, spotting the late entry, keeping a tab on child’s strengths and updating the scores on the marks sheet are now made easy. It focuses on providing all the relevant information to the parents about their wards without actually stepping into the school campus.

Divya Tej Pereira, vice-chairman of the school opinions that the cost-effective solution aims at connecting parents with their children most of the time and view the relevant information of the student anytime they wish to by just logging on to the app with a user ID and a password. Few parents also felt that such close monitoring system would aid instill better discipline among students.

The Chennai-based In space Technologies Private Ltd designed apps for Android mobile phones and over 3,000 parents across four branches have uploaded the free app. “It’s a useful tool to trace where our child is lagging behind and for which subject he needs more attention. This apart, we can also plan our leave in advance by viewing the school calendar which is accessible on the app,” narrates D. Pradeep, a parent of Class IV student.

we hope to see in near future, that our respective state and central government s should adopt this system and also provide a platform to parents of the children studying in the government aided schools to report any irregularities in the schools which would become one of the forefront steps in guiding India towards digitalization, however it should also urge the private schools to imbibe this type of apps.

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