State Govt likely to introduce Hyperloop trains from Amaravathi to vizag !!

CM Shri Chandrababu Naidu has asked officials to study the possibility of introducing high-speed transport system in the capital region of Amaravati. The Capital Region Development Authority is to conduct the study for using Hyperloop One for travel rather than metro transit. The idea is to better the efficiency of transport system in the capital region. The metro rail while in use else where has already got a successor in Hyperloop.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is the latest big thing in transport technology. Elon Musk is the brain behind Hyperloop. It is a futuristic metro transit system where magnetically powered capsules travel at high speeds through low-pressure tubes, thereby potentially reducing transport time by more than 80%. Hyperloop One is the company which is delivering the technology. If hyperloop comes to Andhra Pradesh, passengers can expect to travel from Vizag to Amaravati in just 23 minutes.

Currently happening – Hyperloop One officials have visited the review meeting conducted by Shri Naidu and have explained the details of the transport system. They have expressed the willingness to pen a Memorandum of Understanding with the state government for setting up a research center and a Hyperloop transport facility in Amaravati.

This is a big step for the future and one that is welcome in a time when airways and railways are in dire straits and roadways have miles to go for improvement.

Source – The Indian Express

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