Top 10 Oldest Schools of Visakhapatnam(Vizag)

The educational system of Vizag was started in the 1800s only.let us look at 10 historical schools of vizag.

1.CBM High School: It was established in the year 1836 and it is the oldest school in Vizag and located near Velampeta, Poorna Market Area. It was a very important school in those days and this is the very proud school for Visakhapatnam. Unfortunately, No one is caring(even Government properly) about this school now but people who studied here achieved many heights in their life.

CBM was started in the year 1836

Photo credits : Vivek Rathod

2. St.Aloysius High School: St. Aloysius High School was established in the year 1847. That was when a new chapter in the history of Visakhapatnam began. It was very famous and much popular than any other school. We can say, it is the legendary school for Vizag(Visakhapatnam). The beach near the St. Aloysius School once bustled with life and many came to the beach for evening sit-ins. Children enjoyed the beach view from the school.

Photo credit: Vivek Rathod

3.Fort Catholic Girls School: Another school for girls well known those days was the Fort Catholic Girls School which was located beside the St. Aloysius High School.This School was Started by French people. It was established in the year 1852.

4.Mrs. A V N C HIGH SCHOOL: Previously known as The ANGLO VERNACULAR SCHOOL and it was founded in 1860.For about 36 years after its establishment, it was supported by leading Zamindars of the district. In 1878 the status of the school was raised to Second-grade college affiliated to Madras University.It was named as HINDU COLLEGE.The High school and college achieved remarkable progress and produced many gems in all fields who were scattered all over the world. Alluri Sita Rama Raju studied here.

5.St. Anthony’s High School: Approximately 120 years ago i.e. in the year 1893, this school had originated in a small “Mandapam” of Sivalayam in Maharanipeta Sri P. Appalanarasayya Patnaik started this famous school with an infant and first standards. For over 30 years our school had no name until Rt.Rev.Dr.Peter Rossaillon, the then Bishop of Visakhapatnam took notice of the school. He was much impressed by the keen interest of the teacher and his teaching in the pursuit of education.
On 15th September 1923, Rt.Rev.Dr.Peter Rossaillon took over the management of the school from Sri. P. Appalanarasayya Patnaik and shifted it to an old building cast to the residence of Sri Baugmall Sowcar. This building is still present in the premises of Hotel Green Park[Old Apsara Hotel]. The school was named as R.C.M. St. Anthony’s Elementary School and with a strength of 24 students. Sri K. Neeladri Rao was appointed as the first Headmaster and Sri P. Appalanarasayya Patnaik as the first teacher. Sri K. Neeladri Rao introduced III and IV standards.

6. St.Joseph Girls High School: St.Joseph Girls High School was established in the year 1893 by the sisters of St.Joseph of Annecy.In1930 the school was given permanent recognition as an ANGLO INDIAN INSTITUTION by the director of public instruction Madras.In 1975 the school was permanently affiliated to the Council for I.C.S.E New Delhi.

7.Queen’s Mary’s High School: The School building was built in the late 1800s. initially, the building used for several purposes like Orphan and then medical college. later in 1913, this building turned into a girls school.
This school had produced legendary women and introduced to the world.

8.Timpany School: It was founded in the year 1931, in the Indian pre-independence era by Dr. Rev. A.W. Timpany of the Canadian Baptist Mission. his minority institution was founded by the Canadian Baptist Overseas Mission Board in the year 1931 by Rev. A.W. Timpany to serve the cause of Education and for the glory of God.
The medium of the institution is English the schools are run on Christian principles and offer to students, irrespective of community and creed, a complete education of body mind and spirit.
Initially, it failed to get attention from people gradually it improves, now it is one of a good school in the city.

9.Prema Samajam School: It was Started in the year 1941.It is not only a school, Prema Samajam is the 86-year-old institution, which was brought under the Endowments Department in 1987 is providing shelter, food and education to the destitute planned to build a junior college for boys and girls, old age home, orphanage, Gosala and other amenities on the site.

10.VT high school: VT High School more famous as V.T. College. Prakki Venkataramanaiah who founded the school in 1946 in providing quality education to children in the growing city. Initially started near Sri Kanakamahalakshmi temple, it soon opened many branches and the alumni are now spread all over the world.In 2016 it was celebrated the 70th anniversary.


(Note: A lot of things and rich history is there for few  schools will cover each of them in separate article soon )

Article by Raja Polipilli

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