Visakhapatnam ranked top for urban population List in State !!

VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam has highest the urban population among all 13 districts in the state.
According to the Census of India 2011 report that was updated in the CM’s Dashboard recently, Visakhapatnam ranked first with 47.45 % of urban population followed by Krishna district with 40.81 %.Where as Srikakulam is the least urban population district with 16.16% followed by Prakasam district with 19.56 % population.
Visakhapatnam district had a total population of 20,35,831 as per the 1971 Census report. From there, it increased to 42, 90,589 as per the 2011 Census report. While the urban population of the district as per the 1971 was 20.30 percent and it was r 47.45 per cent in the 2011 Census period.
Ironically, the urban population of Visakhapatnam is higher than the state and India’s urban population level.
Senior official of GVMC says  “Urbanisation vastly increased in Visakhapatnam district when compared with all other districts in the last four decades. It registered a growth of 25.15% in the last 40 years. The reasons could be many including the search of employment, livelihood, education for children and easy availability of basic needs, particularly in Visakhapatnam city.”

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