Vizag : DPR is ready for Country’s first ever Sky Tower on Kailasagiri hill top..!!

Visakhapatnam is set to become the proud owner of country’s first ever sky among the major tourist attraction kailasgiri is all set to house the sky tower, the height of the sky tower is said to be in between 100 to 200 meters” which means in near future we would be eyeing one of the best scenic location from almost 200meters above the land ” isn’t breathtaking.

GVMC has proposed a plan to the government as there is lot scope in development in the tourism sector in Visakhapatnam government is set to grab the opportunity and is on the mission to transform the city of destiny into an augmented reality by adding glorious man-made wonders to its already scenic pleasure.

Keeping in mind the amount of risk and protection required the government has decided to hire german based constructors HUSS PARK ATTRACTIONS who are well experienced and have also built 18 sky towers till now.

It is also said to become the venue for parties, events, corporate launchings and also various ride clusters, adventure sports, food court, parking are also listed in the proposal. it will be built as of to house foreign and local tourists, the cost of estimation is around Rs.84.46 crores govt has also tied up with Hyderabad-based Swarnamukhi recreations Hospitality Pvt limited to for in-house hospitality.

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