Vizag port is the first in the country to establish 10 MW solar power plant and also crosses 61 million tonnes of cargo for 2016-17..!!

The Visakhapatnam port is one of the busiest ports in India , The officials of Visakhapatnam port has given statement that has  Vizag port has crossed the target of 61 million tonnes cargo for 2016-17 financial year, it was approximately  growing by 7 % over last year’s figure of 57 million tonnes.

At  press conference , Chairman M.T Krishnababu says “Due to vigorous efforts the port could attract 2 million tonnes of additional cargo from new customers despite facing stiff competition from neighbouring private ports and  the port handled 11.42 million tonnes of iron ore and pellets as against 5.98 million tonnes last year and a record quantity of 6.43 million tonnes of container cargo as against the previous record of 5.15 million tonnes in 2015-16. Also record number of 3.67 lakh TEUs of container cargo was handled as against 2.93 lakh TEUs in 2015-16 ,he added.

A quantity of 4.17 lakh tonnes of wheat was imported from Russia, Ukraine and Australia. “We want to concentrate on clean cargo and reduce the dirty cargo as far possible. Even while handling dirty cargo we are taking all pollution control measures and adopting the latest technologies to keep pollution within the prescribed limits,” he told

Krishnababu said Visakhapatnam was the first port in the country to establish 10 MW solar power plant and it had been synchoronised with the State grid.

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