Vizag : These Unsung Heroes are the real stars of Swachh Bharat success ..!!

As the moon mounts up after everyone goes to sleep the unknown life springs up in the streets .under the street lights the unknown names get to work to keep the city clean.who thrives their sweat to keep humans away from unwanted dust and garbage.
One of the sanitation worker’s who works for (GVMC) feels these streets as her home.these unsung hero’s have taken up these  unglamorous job and have become the key player’s to help viskapatanam to seal the third place in the recently announced swacch survekshan-2017.
They were full of pride when they got know that the city got third position and their efforts to keep the city clean has paid off. Ms.lakshmi starts her shift at 10.P.m.and she finally puts down her broom and the orange reflective court to head their homes at 5 A.m. She is the only bread winner of her house with a megree salary of Rs 9,200.

Vizag is not the same city which it used to be .The beautiful beach with the beautiful streets have now made the city one of most sought after tourist destination.A Word of appreciation from the passers-by is all it takes to make their day and light up their mood . Ms.S.Sanyasi recalls how happy he felt when some stranger approached him and thanked him for the great work they are doing to keep the city clean.”After Cyclone Hudud,the awareness about the cleanliness has changed the face of our city.she is also happy that now people look for dustbin instead of dumping the waste on roads and lanes.


Neither rains nor cyclones can be obstacle towards their commitment to their work.They put a plastic cover on their heads when it rains. If it is heavy downpour then they take shelter under the bus stop.

Only during hud hud they were asked to go home by the officials.The very next day ,they are back to work who played an important role in revamping the distressed city .

Most of them joined as contact workers more than a decade ago with a salary of less than rs 1000 then .However that has not grown much in the present day for which they rue that it does not meet the basic needs of their families.They were told that their salary is 12000 ,a part of which goes towards their medical insurance and provident fund and they have no idea about this.They only receive 9,200 rs says a worker.

Working at nights they are prone to various risks some times even taking their life.sometime back, a sanitation worker fell victim to druken driving after he was moved down by a speeding vehicle at the Asilmetta flyover.They were shocked and afraid but they do have  no choice ?life has to go on .we have to continue the job,”says N.Nokamma as she resumes  her chores on beach road.


Photos credit : K.R Deepak

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